Free Stuff. Everywhere.

is a simple to use, mobile focused platform, that allows users to find great deals, many times for free, all around them, no matter where they are.

Everyone loves FREE stuff. With FREEIF® you can find what's FREE all around you. The IF is what the vendor requires in order to get the FREE offer. It could be the purchase of another item or that you like their Facebook page or simply that you register for their newsletter.

helps businesses market themselves more efficiently while creating more meaningful connections with the new customers they attract with their offers.

Marketing can be costly. FREEIF® is a refreshing alternative to GROUPON® and other daily-deal sites.

Businesses can post their offers for a flat rate, not a cut of their sales. Once the user generates the coupon, the business is connected to the user and can market other similar offers in the future directly to the customer.

will be launching soon.

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